The Bloomingdale Trail to Become The 606 Trail

The Bloomingdale Trail to Become The 606 Trail

“A transformation of more than just a train track.”

Bike Trail Building a new Chicago

Building A New Chicago

Hello, my name is Mike Kupfer and I am a proud Chicagoan as well as a runner. I live with my family in what is called the “West Bucktown“ neighborhood next door to The Bloomingdale Trail. 

Chicago Family Bike Trail

My Family enjoying Chicago

When we moved in to the neighborhood in 2003, it was an unused train track.  Now that unused, raised track is being transformed into what is being called The 606 Trail. We had heard when we moved in back in 2003 that they were going to turn this trail into a bike/running trail, but we knew a city project of this size in the city of Chicago would take a lot of  effort and political help to get it done.

There was a major boost in the likelihood of The 606 Trail becoming a reality when Mayor Rahm Emanuel was elected and he personally took this on as a “pet project”. This really got the ball rolling and here we are today almost 12 years after moving in and The Bloomingdale Trail transformation is really happening.

This project  it will also be upgrading and adding parks located near the trails and hopefully will be a catalyst for economic growth in and around the trail.  Of course there are concerns and issues that are bound to come up on a project like this. The area still has gang activity in spots so security is an ongoing concern. The purpose of this site is to start chronicling and meeting people that are involved in The Bloomingdale trail’s transformation to the 606 Trail.  Thanks for finding us and please help by

  • Signing up for “The 606 Trail newsletter” and
  • Sending us your stories of your connection with the bike trail.
  •  Contacting us if you would like to contribute in any way to our site

You may call it “The Bloomingdale Trail” or you might be newer to the area and call it “The 606 Trail”, but we would love to hear your thoughts.


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